Monday, January 17, 2011

A Sailing trip with friends up the coast.

On Saturday I decided to take our traditionally built wooden sloop up to the North coast and invited Roddy from and JD who is usually the skipper of the Xtreme round the island tour. Of course for this kind of sailing trip we needed plenty of cold beer and once that was sorted out we were on our way out of the harbour.
This boat is called Ocean Nomad and is what we do "The Antigua Classic Yacht Tour" with. Simply, if you are interested in going on a sailing tour that's the most authentic Caribbean sailing experience you can get then this is for you. History, ecology, sailing, snorkeling, a great lunch and drinks is all part of this tour. Click here for more and remember to check out the photo page too.

These photos were taken with my phone along the way. As you can see, my favorite place so chill is always down low on the lee side of the boat where I can put my "bad leg" up on the cap rail. (sorry about the leg in the shot. lol)

The photo below is of us passing Deep Bay, The Royal Antiguan Hotel and Galley Bay.

All of these photos were posted on my twitter account too. I usually post cool stuff i capture on my phone there. Hope you enjoyed the images.